The “problem” of education brings out deeply-held convictions.  Questions of student success and the best way to organize the educational system yield fierce arguments over charter schools, accountability, teacher unions, and funding.  There are already enough voices in those discussions.  This blog aims to chart a different course: to present novel ideas and musings from outside the mainstream discussion.  I make no claims to expertise, and it is my hope that I will always be searching for an answer, never providing a definitive voice.

About the Author

Dan Zaharopol is the founder and Executive Director of Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM).  We ask the question, “what does it really take to become a scientist, mathematician, engineer, or programmer — and how can we bring those resources to low-income students?”  BEAM has been running since 2011, originally under the name “Summer Program in Mathematical Problem Solving,” and it has helped hundreds of students to enter into great high schools, other programs for advanced study, and colleges.

Dan also co-founded and served as the first CEO of Learning Unlimited, a nonprofit that engages college students as leaders of educational programs for middle and high school students. Learning Unlimited believes that most high school students have a very limited conception of what learning is, bounded by their experiences in schools, and strives to supplement their education with courses on topics like black holes, urban design, biomedical engineering, modern poetry, and street drumming. Through our programs, every student can find what they are passionate to learn.

In his non-existent free time, Dan loves board games, the (non-musical) theatre, frisbee, and reading.

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